Landing Page Templates on Carrd

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Landing Page Templates on Carrd

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Save Time & Money While Increasing Your Conversion Rates

Landing pages outperform generic websites by 115%. Even Gumroad products that have their own landing page on sites like Carrd can double conversion rates.

Making these pages can be a bit challenging. You could easily pay someone $500+ to make one for you but that's money that you don't want to spend.

Or you can find guides online and spend days trying to perfect your page. It's cheaper but takes up way too much time.

Finding that middle ground is important. It's the exact reason I made these high-converting and well-designed templates.

I've spent the last year and a half making landing pages for everyone under the sun. I've learned the secrets behind getting more sales and driving more traffic down the page.

In these templates I've put the perfect blend of copywriting structure, social proof, psychology, and design to get you more sales.

3 of the 5 templates were hand-crafted by Jeremy Moser.

Jeremy Moser is the co-founder and CEO of uSERP, an agency doing $110,000+ in monthly recurring revenue. He writes for publications like Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur.com, and more.

He's done copywriting for brands doing hundreds of millions in revenue per year for both their website and products. 

Not only did he design the pages, but he also put years of copywriting experience directly into the page. All you have to do to get a highly converting landing page is fill out the guidelines set on the page!

See what they look like below:

These templates come with THREE special bonuses.

✔️ Specific tutorial videos for each template detailing what elements to edit, how to change them, and how to design the page to your liking

✔️ The proven, highest converting opt-in page FREE

✔️ The Carrd Guide absolutely FREE

Inside The Carrd Guide, you'll find:

  • 35 pages of the secrets behind my Carrd sites

  • Hours of tutorials

  • A behind scenes look of me building a $500 Carrd site from scratch

  • Hours of your time back when you aren’t messing with Carrd anymore

Save time when you're not building out your own page. These each took me a couple of hours to make. With these templates you could have a brand new landing page done within 30 minutes. 

Save money when you're not paying someone (like me) $500 to build you a custom-made page. You can start out with only one investment of $97.

Increase conversions by filling out the templates according to the copy guidelines. You'll appeal to your audience better and convert more visitors.

Click "I want this!" to get:

  • template(s) of your choice

  • copy guidelines to get more conversions

  • tutorials on how to customize the page

  • The Carrd Guide FREE of charge

  • The proven, highest converting opt-in page FREE


You will need the Carrd Pro Plan ($49/year) to receive some of these templates.

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